Recognizing Fraud

Martial Art Instructors Hit With $115,560 Judgment
For Infringing MOO DUK KWAN® trademarks

Reading Time: 1 minuteAugust 17, 2015 Judge Robert Mariani issued a permanent injunction restraining Eric Kovaleski, Robert Kovaleski and ANYONE ELSE acting in concert with them from infringing MOO DUK KWAN® trademarks and he also entered a $115,560 judgment against Eric Kovaleski, Robert Kovaleski and Tang Soo Karate School, Inc. for Infringing MOO DUK KWAN® trademarks

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Phonies, Frauds and Thieves
Love using deceptive trade practices

Phonies, Frauds and Thieves

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe trademark counterfeiting business is booming! Check out the trademark counterfeits at the bottom of this page.

Phonies, frauds and thieves are thriving in an industry that is driven by greed, disregard for the rights and reputations of others and by consumers with low self esteem.


Yes, you read correctly; consumers with low self esteem have been documented by researchers to be most susceptible to trafficking in the trademark counterfeiting trade.

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Consumer Fraud In Martial Arts

I Promise NOT

Reading Time: 7 minutesConsumer fraud by a martial art school or instructor begins when material fact is misrepresented in web pages, advertising, signage and verbal claims when registered trademarks are used without a license from the trademark owner. Fraud by a martial art school may be perpetrated upon students for years through the use of counterfeit patches, issuance of counterfeit rank certificates, the sale or distribution […]

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