Martial Art Instructors Hit With $115,560 Judgment
For Infringing MOO DUK KWAN® trademarks

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Moo_Duk_Kwan_Fist_Established_1945_2014_trans_300x319On August 17, 2015 Federal District Judge, Robert Mariani handed down a winning verdict for the MOO DUK KWAN® in the landmark trademark infringement case filed April 10, 2012  by the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® protecting the MOO DUK KWAN® name and the fist and laurel leaves logo.

Judge Mariani issued a permanent injunction restraining Eric Kovaleski, Robert Kovaleski and ANYONE ELSE acting in concert with them from infringing MOO DUK KWAN® trademarks.

He also entered a $115,560 judgment against Eric Kovaleski, Robert Kovaleski and Tang Soo Karate School, Inc. for Infringing MOO DUK KWAN® trademarks.

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