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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

When we have been victimized and our emotions are heightened, it can be challenging to distinguish between the “feelings” of being deceived, wronged, injured or damaged and the “facts” of being deceived, wronged, injured or damaged.

While there are certainly circumstances when our feelings and the facts may be the same, it is also possible for them to be two very different sets of information.

So before you allege fraud or report fraud, take time to review Martial Art Fraud site and explore external references, then carefully consider whether or not you have the factual evidence required to legally prove fraud.

Should you determine that you can document enough facts to warrant a fraud claim, then there are a number of means for you to report your experience and seek a remedy; however, be aware that the specific manner in which you were deceived or defrauded can determine which reporting means are appropriate. Not all means are suitable for all circumstances.

For example, if you conducted a transaction with someone in person and the deception or wrong that occurred was only documented by a verbal conversation between the two of you without other evidence of the event and circumstances, then you may not have enough evidence to report anything, but even if you did have evidence, reporting it to the U.S. Postal Service Inspector would probably not be applicable.

However, if you conducted a transaction with someone by mailing them a check and the deception or wrong that occurred was that you failed to receive what you paid for, then depending on your proof of mailing said check and other circumstances, reporting the incident to the U.S. Postal Inspectors might be applicable.

Reporting entities available to you include, but are not limited to:

  1. Non legal channels
  2. Civil legal channels
  3. Criminal legal channels

In fact, non-legal and/or social channels of redress for a wrong may be faster, more rewarding and ultimately just as effective as the other channels.


While the matter below is not an instance of fraud it is a great example of a person seeking resolution through alternate channels, so take a moment and consider how this person handled a situation they were unable to get resolved through traditional channels.

  • DO NOT underestimate the power of your voice in this technology era.


Every review of a business that you post (state facts) becomes searchable for others to discover, your social media posts on multiple platforms can reach thousands and in many cases those posts may also create searchable results others can discover.

Martial Art Fraud encourages you to report suspected trademark fraud or other consumer fraud by submitting links to our Link Directory for any questionable websites, confusing images, misrepresentative Facebook pages, etc. that you feel may be committing trademark infringementtrademark counterfeiting or other misrepresentation resulting in consumer fraud.

Link submissions are moderated and you will receive an email notification when we post (or decline to post) your link in our directory of potentially fraudulent activity.

Your submissions DO HELP as Google and others reference our links in determining the credibility or lack of they may give to those who are reported.

You can help Martial Art Fraud stop the fraudsters by reporting any and all questionable sites using the form below.

You can also search our Link Directory for other agencies that you can report suspected fraud to and for additional educational information about consumer fraud.

  • Submit any suspicious links here

Our Link Directory also provides you with live links to additional reporting entities and redirects you straight to the reporting page for that entity so that you need not waste time navigating around different websites looking for the link to click to submit your report.

You can file multiple reports quickly using the links in our Link Directory.

  1. Your attorney
    1. A prudent first step is to obtain an objective opinion about your situation and your options
  2. Local authorities
    1. local police
    2. local sheriff
    3. Better Business Bureau
    4. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Local media
    1. Call For Action News Groups
    2. Consumer Watchdogs
  4. State authorities
    1. State Police
    2. State Troopers
    3. State Attorney General
  5. Federal authorities
    1. U.S. Postal Inspectors
    2. Federal Trade Commission
    3. Federal Bureau of Investigation
    4. Secret Service
  6. International authorities
    1. Customs and Border Patrol
    2. International …….
  7. Fraud reporting agencies
  8. Fraud reporting services
  9. Fraud reporting websites
  10. Consumer protection groups
  11. Business directory reviews
  12. Social media reviews


Martial Arts Fraud’s website provides information intended to help you proactively 1) recognize and identify circumstances with a high potential for you to become a victim of fraud, 2) verify factual evidence of fraud and 3) report evidence of fraud to appropriate agencies and authorities. Disclaimer

Martial Art Fraud

Martial Arts Fraud is a public service initiative sponsored by the non-profit U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation. This website provides educational information about specific circumstances with a high potential for consumers to be defrauded when searching for and selecting a martial art school as well as for students who are already enrolled at a martial art school and discover that any of the discussed illegal acts are present.

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