What Can Happen When You Don’t Pay A Trademark Infringement Judgment?

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Trademark infringers who ignore court orders or court ordered judgment payments may find themselves subject to arrest via a Capias warrant. 

Courts order capias warrants to compel someone to do something. Sometimes called bench warrants, they're usually issued for a person who owes money based on a court judgment or who fails to appear for a civil hearing.

Capias Warrrants Can Result In Jail Time

Capias warrants are commonly issued to get someone to comply with prior orders of civil courts. Someone picked up on this type of warrant may spend time in jail until the court can address his refusal to do something he's been ordered to do.

Capias Warrants for Unpaid Judgments

In some jurisdictions, courts may issue a capias warrant if someone fails to pay a civil judgment. If a person who has lost a case has the ability to pay the judgment but fails to do so, a court can issue a capias warrant to either force the person to pay or spend time in jail.


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