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Trademark Counterfeiting Conspiracy

Trademark Counterfeiting Conspiracy Police Raid 1

Trademark counterfeiting conspiracy occurs when multiple parties traffic in trademark counterfeit items, such as patches, flags, banners, rank certificates, etc.  Under revised Federal statutes, martial art instructors and/or martial art school owners may be found guilty of trademark counterfeiting conspiracy merely by participating in the illegal act such as receiving, distributing, selling, etc. any item […]

Federal Agents Conduct Raid For Trademark Counterfeits

Federal Agents Conduct Raid For Trademark Counterfeits Law Enforcement Raid

Originally Published Jun 03, 2011 13:20By CINDY STAUFFER Staff Writer Police officers and federal agents seized counterfeit sunglasses and sports memorabilia from more than a half-dozen outdoor vendors Friday at Green Dragon Farmer’s Market and Auction in Ephrata, authorities said. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security agents, state police troopers and Ephrata police participated in the […]

Low Self Esteem Drives Counterfeit Trade

The psychology of buyers and wearers of counterfeit goods: Can wearing a fake Rolex watch lower your self-esteem and induce general unethical behaviour? – Griffith Hack 8 December 2011 As a regular item in NeedToKnow, we highlight a scientific or psychological study on consumer behaviour that has caught our attention. Counterfeiting of luxury brands is a […]



Martial Arts Fraud is a public service initiative sponsored by the non-profit U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation®. This website provides educational information about specific circumstances with a high potential for consumers to be defrauded when searching for and selecting a martial art school as well as for students who are already enrolled […]