Testimonial Hussar

Student testimonials illustrate how  your initial choice of a martial art instructor can have life changing potential and thus a very high level of significance that may not be evident when first selecting a martial art school.

The relationship that a martial art instructor shares with their student is powerful and unique. For a student who learns later in their training that one's trusted instructor has deceived or defrauded them, that harsh reality can be a very paradoxical and trying emotional experience matched by few other traumatic events in one's life.

Considering the level of  influence that a martial arts instructor can have on a student’s life it is especially unfortunate that consumers can be easily deceived when first searching for and selecting a martial art school. When making a potentially life changing decision for yourself or your child, wouldn’t you rather base your selection of a martial art instructor and school on verifiable facts rather than naive trust, uncertainty or fraud?  

Testimonial Hussar



Testimonial Casey


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