Trademark Counterfeiter Deported

U.S. Passport

Reading Time: 1 minute Posted on Feb 14, 2012 7:27am PST Court: U.S. Court of Appeals (9th Cir.) Case: Jose Rodriguez‑Valencia v. Eric H. Holder Jr., Attorney General Date: July 21, 2011 From: New York attorney Gary E. Rosenberg (immigration attorney and lawyer; serving Brooklyn and Queens) Queens immigration lawyer Jose Rodriguez‑Valencia, a native and citizen of Mexico, petitions for review of the Board of […]

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Pittsburg, PA Man Guilty of Trademark Counterfeiting

Reading Time: 1 minute FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 23, 2012 PITTSBURGH, Pa. – A resident of Allegheny County has been sentenced in federal court to four years probation, six months home detention and a special assessment of $100 on his conviction of trademark counterfeiting and filing a false income tax return, United States Attorney David J. Hickton announced today. […]

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Chesapeake Store Owner Convicted of Trademark Fraud

Reading Time: 1 minute The owner of two Chesapeake sporting goods stores and former proprietor of a Norfolk flea market stand was convicted by a judge on Friday of one count of felony trademark infringement. Keith Carter, who opened his first brick-and-mortar Players Sports Nuts store three years ago, is to be sentenced Aug. 31 in Chesapeake Circuit Court.  Read full story

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Petrosian appeals counterfeit trafficking, mail fraud, and conspiracy convictions

Reading Time: 4 minutes U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals USA v PETROSIAN  No. 9650120 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, No. 96-50120Plaintiff-Appellee,D.C. No.v. CR-95-00376- RSWLVATCHAGAN PETROSIAN, Defendant-Appellant. OPINION Appeal from the United States District Courtfor the Central District of California Ronald S.W. Lew, District Judge, Presiding Argued and Submitted November 7, 1996–Pasadena, California Filed October 15, 1997 Before: James R. Browning, David […]

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