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Trademark Counterfeiting Conspiracy

Trademark Counterfeiting Conspiracy Police Raid 1

Trademark counterfeiting conspiracy occurs when multiple parties traffic in trademark counterfeit items, such as patches, flags, banners, rank certificates, etc.  Under revised Federal statutes, martial art instructors and/or martial art school owners may be found guilty of trademark counterfeiting conspiracy merely by participating in the illegal act such as receiving, distributing, selling, etc. any item […]

Petrosian appeals counterfeit trafficking, mail fraud, and conspiracy convictions

Petrosian appeals counterfeit trafficking, mail fraud, and conspiracy convictions

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals USA v PETROSIAN  No. 9650120 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, No. 96-50120Plaintiff-Appellee,D.C. No.v. CR-95-00376- RSWLVATCHAGAN PETROSIAN, Defendant-Appellant. OPINION Appeal from the United States District Courtfor the Central District of California Ronald S.W. Lew, District Judge, Presiding Argued and Submitted November 7, 1996–Pasadena, California Filed October 15, 1997 Before: James R. Browning, David […]

Trademark Licensees

Trademark Licensees

Registered trademarks assure the public consumer of the consistent quality and standards they can expect from the products and services associated with and/or bearing registered trademarks. Registered trademarks displayed in relation to, or affixed to, products and services, identify the source for the products and services and only the registered trademark owner regulates quality and consistency […]

Right of Publicity

Right of Publicity Person's Image or Likeness

In addition to trademark infringement and trademark counterfeiting laws,  right of publicity laws address another tactic that may be employed by fraudsters which is the unlicensed use of a well known person’s image or likeness beyond fair use.  One common illegal practice is affixing an unlicensed image or likeness of a famous person to a product, website, […]